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eternal sailor moon...

anime version.

The Eternal Sailor Moon outfit, her last fuku upgrade in the anime, is quite different from the first two versions. I really love this outfit; it's tied for my favorite with the Super Sailor Moon fuku. I love the ribbons, I guess. ^^

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Hair Accessories & Forehead

The pearl/feather accents and medallions on her odango have not changed from the Super Sailor Moon fuku, as seen below. As before, they are red, with white trim that does *not* appear to be metallic (not silver, for instance.)

In this final fuku upgrade, Eternal Sailor Moon has no tiara. It is replaced by a crescent moon on her forehead, similar to that of Princess/Neo-Queen Serenity, but thicker and more elongated. I would imagine this could be replicated with makeup or a creative temporary tatoo. The moon shape matches her earrings, choker, henshin compact and other costume accents.

Earrings & Choker

The earrings are once again dangling, building upon the larger, post earring of a crescent moon by adding a dangling star. The crescent moon (and the star) seem to be slightly larger than her previous earrings.

The choker has reverted back to red, with a heart and crescent moon motif in gold that matches the henshin compact. From the reflection, it would seem that the heart and moon are slightly beveled, or otherwise curved (three-dimensional, for lack of a better term.)

Henshin Compact

The henshin compact has upgraded again, and appears differently on her school uniform, on her senshi fuku, and during the transformation sequence. The actual compact is winged, like the previous one, with a central heart shape, but adds a small crescent moon accent at the bottom, and most of it appears faceted, like a jewel. Set around the central heart and moon jewel details are nine colored stones, representing each senshi's colors. Three gold dots accent each wing, and a gold sphere accents the top. (This vaguely resembles the top of the holy moon chalice from the S season.)

When seen on her everyday dress, the compact appears as a plain gold heart and moon shape. When transformed, the compact looks the same, but framed by white wings, matching the larger set of wings on her fuku.

Sleeves, Sailor Collar & Bodice

The sleeves are puffed and pink, with a double row of red trim. For a change the sleeves come down midway to the elbow, longer than any previous fuku. The sleeves are usually drawn very round and bubble-like, even slightly shiny.

The sailor collar has darkened to navy, but keeps the gold contrast stripes. Number of stripes has increased to three. In most cases, in the anime, the collar is colored black, as is the bottom ruffle of her skirt.

The bodice is now completely plain, having lost the horizontal under-bust seam featured in her previous fuku. The lack of detail on the bodice helps to accent the winged breastpiece that showcases the henshin compact.


The gloves have changed quite a bit for this outfit. The gloves are full-length, or "opera" gloves, ending at mid-bicep. Although trimmed in the traditional triple red piping, they are accented with a triple pearl/feather detail, matching her hairpins, which rests on the outside of each bicep. There is a red ribbon accent at the wrist, which is pointed down the hand and up the inside of the wrist, and features a gold crescent moon, matching other similar motifs throughout this costume.

Skirt, Waist, Wings & Back Bow

The skirt is once again the most dramatic change in this senshi fuku, changing from a single layer to three, and changing from white (Super Sailor Moon) or blue (Sailor Moon) to layers of red, gold and navy. (The navy is usually shown as black in the anime art.) Although even more fluidly drawn, these are again assumed to be knife pleats, and not box pleats or gathers.

The waist has lost the piping layers or belts seen in previous fuku, and instead defines the waist/skirt line with a double ribbon trim of red and gold. A crescent moon accents the drop point of the waist, as seen elsewhere in the costume.

The back of the fuku is accented by large white wings, a physical remnant of Eternal Sailor Moon's feathery henshin sequence. The wings attach at the waist.

The bow has been replaced by long, trailing red ribbons, that flow from the wings downward. They appear to tie simply, as a continuation of the ribbon trim at the waist. It is hard to find accurate images of the back of the outfit, but there appears to be no bow, and only a knot at the back.


The boots, as with much of the costume, are dramatically different, having switched from red to white, and featuring an inversion of the top slice, cutting down in the front and pointing in the back. These boots are slightly lower than previous fuku, with the point in the back ending at the top of the calf, and the v-slice in the front ending a few inches below the bottom of the kneecap. They are trimmed in red with a crescent moon accent at the base of the front cut, and feature about the same heel height as previous boots. (This height does vary drastically depending on the scene... much like the previous boots.)

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