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I've always loved Neo-Queen Serenity's sophisticated, mature updating to the Princess Serenity dress shown in the first season. I especially love the crown.

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Crown, Forehead & Earrings

The crown is quite different from any other hair accessories Usagi displays in the series. Indeed, even Queen Serenity doesn't have a crown like this! The crown is gold-metallic in color with red and white accents. In technical terms, the actual headpiece is classified as a tiara: a semi-circular, decorated band.

The crown features a central winged, crowned heart with a central red faceted jewel. The heart is flanked by decorations on each side along the band, with a larger red beveled jewel flanked by two smaller (presumably beveled) white jewels. The band bends up at each end, with a large (white or red) beveled jewel at the bend, and then narrows before finishing in a larger spiral shape.

Her forehead features the crescent moon shape shown in her Princess Serenity form, and is of a similar thickness. (When shown, Neo-Queen Serenity in the Stars season features a thicker, more elongated crescent, like Eternal Sailor Moon.)

The earrings are gold ball posts, with a dangling ribbon of gold that forms a downward spiral. (Number of twists varies, a double-banded gold ribbon and two full turns of the spiral is most commonly seen.)

Bodice & Waist

The bodice is similar to Princess Serenity's attire, but with a second row of gold beading underneath the thick decorative banding. The top band is yellow in color, and could be interpreted as either a flat color or metallic gold. (The musicals tend to favor gold, when Serenity is shown in either form. Screencaps I've seen use gold metallic linked rings.) The banding could likely be created from gold lamé, or a stiff yellow fabric, depending on which you prefer. (Whether this band has any puffiness or third-dimensionality is hard to say.)

The beading features simple spherical beads, again in yellow or gold metallic color, depending on your preference. A row appears just below the top banding, and another a few inches below it, forming an empire waistline. The fabric is gathered at the waist.

The white fabric of the bodice and waist is very non-descript, and something with appropriate draping (and clingy-ness) should be used.

Wings & Back

In many ways this outfit is an upgrade and maturation of the Princess Serenity gown, especially in the aspect of the decorative back. Adding to the two fluttering back pieces or ribbons (somewhat similar to the end ribbons of the Super Sailor Moon fuku) are a set of fabric wing shapes. Together these elements form a "back bow" of the outfit, echoing her senshi fuku throughout the series.

The wings feature a scalloped lower edge and a gently arching top, and are far wider than they are tall. The trailing ribbons form the natural lower half of the wings, resembling a butterfly shape. (This also fits with her form as the Messiah. The last image shows an example of this wing-shape.)

Both the wing and ribbon fabric is usually shown as pure white or an extremely light pink, and I think either would be considered accurate if used. The wings would likely be stiffened and shaped via wire; this is a possibility for the trailing ribbons below, but stitching and fabric choice may play a greater role in getting them to drape properly without drooping and/or appearing too stiff or rigid.


The skirt is close-fitting and floor-length, with a slender shape that ending in a flourish that trails out in all directions. This widening of the skirt commonly starts at the calf, but occasionally starts at the knee.

Although this fullness at the bottom of the skirt appears small in most images, it can be seen on occasion as having a great deal more fabric (see last images.) It may be that the there is little drape in the front, but gathered draping or bustles in the back to create a wide, sweeping back skirt, with a small front. (See last image.) The last example in particular almost looks as if the close-fitting skirt is separate from the back drape. Without more detailed screencaps, it's hard to tell.

Like the bodice and waist, the fabric should have good draping, cling to the form but have the potential for fullness, should a full skirt be desired.


Shoes for this outfit are never seen, as the drapery of her gown obscures her feet. (This is also true of Princess Serenity's gown, although Serenity is seen barefoot in some scenes.)

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