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The Super Sailor Moon outfit is by far one of my favorites, mostly due to the sheer details not seen on other costumes. Although the basic elements of her fuku remain the same, there are quite a few details that change, and colors that differ from her normal Sailor Moon outfit.

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Hair Accessories & Tiara

Although the pearl/feather accents to her hair have been in Sailor Moon's manga costume since act 1, we do not see them in the anime until her transformation to Super Sailor Moon in episode 111, Seihai no shinpi na chikara. Moon nidan henshin. In the Materials Collection artbook, the pearl/feather accents are depicted as hairpins.

The medallions on her odango have not changed, as seen below. As before, they are red, with white trim that does *not* appear to be metallic (not silver, for instance.)

The tiara is still metallic gold, but features a lighter gold crescent moon in place of the red jewel from previous transformations.

Earrings & Choker

The earrings have changed from a dangling crescent moon to a larger, post earring of a crescent moon, which matches the shape of the one on her tiara. At the very beginning of her S-season transformation (via the Holy Chalice), she is shown with her old dangle earrings, but they quickly convert to the new ones, as seen in the image below, taken early on in the henshin sequence.

The choker has reversed colors from the Sailor Moon (cosmic) transformation, with a yellow band and red heart (previously a red band with yellow heart.)

Henshin Compact & Front Bow

The henshin compact remains the same from her Cosmic transformation, and is seen both on her breast and as an accent on the front point of her waistline. (Waist details follow, further down.) The impression is given throughout the S season that the henshin compact has a rounded or convex back (and is replicated as such in toy form), but on LD cover 6 it is clear that the crown detail has a flat back, as seen in the third picture below. This compact is the only significant change between seasons in this costume, as it becomes her Crisis henshin compact in the SuperS season, as shown in the last picture below.

The front bow remains unchanged, and is red/dark pink* in color.

Sleeves, Sailor Collar & Bodice

The sleeves are sheer, with three layers of material forming a cap sleeve on each side. The three layers are sewn to the upper half of the armscye, and are progressively larger in size, smallest on top.

The sailor collar remains blue, as seen in previous fuku, as well as keeping the same number of stripes (two), but the stripes have changed color, from white to gold.

The bodice remains the same, with a seam running horizontally around the back and underneath the bust, as seen in the last two pictures below, coming to a point in the front (seen in the section above, fourth picture.) Detail of the armscye (arm-hole) can be seen in the last picture.


Basically the same as the previous fuku, the gloves are white, elbow-length and are trimmed with triple piping in red/dark pink. These appear to be stretch/pull-on gloves, with no wrist closure or fastening details of any kind. The red/dark pink trim is drawn in various ways, and so it is hard to tell whether the piping tapers toward the inner elbow, or is of uniform width. If it were made of something stretchy, that would probably take care of it. Although they are frequently cosplayed in satin, the gloves in the show are always a matte, white fabric. If I were to make some, I would probably go for a fine knit, or buy white matte prom gloves and augment them.

Skirt, Waist & Back Bow

The skirt is perhaps the most dramatic change in this senshi fuku, as it has gone from unadorned blue to white, with large stripes of blue and gold along the bottom (depicted in the henshin sequence as a gradient of gold, green and blue.) Although drawn in various ways, the skirt is most consistantly seen as having a knife pleat (triangular cross-section), as opposed to a box pleat or a gathered skirt.

The waist features two belt-like details, like oversized piping, that taper in the front to meet at the drop-point of the waist, and again in the back, where the bow is attached. This differs from previous fuku by the presence of the second, gold, "belt" (or piping). The gold "belt" is depicted as both having a rounded shape and cross-section, and having a flat point that extends down and partially covers the lower "belt". The lower white "belt" is depicted as having a pointed or elongated cross-section at the sides. This feature has eluded both myself and a close friend/costume expert, so until further research is done on what sort of costume detailing these features might be, I will say no more on the subject.

The bow is a large, stiff, pointed-corner bow, similar to finishing bows on the obi, which is what I believe it is modeled after. Unlike previous fuku bows, this one has long, fluttery ends, and the entire thing is sheer. Although it is apparent that the bow meets the previously-described waist features, it is hard to say whether the bow actually *ties* said features, or is merely attached where they meet in the back.


The boots have not changed from the previous three senshi fuku outfits for Sailor Moon. They remain knee-high, solid red/dark pink high-heeled boots, with a pointed toe and diagonally sliced top. The top of the boot has a convex point and is trimmed in white, featuring a gold crescent moon at the top of the point. The back has a concave point which ends at the top of the calf. The heels look to be 1-1.5 inches in height, approximately. (The pictures below are taken from first-season fuku, but represent some of the only clear pictures of the boots, and thus are used here since they are basically identical.)

* Note: A site visitor has pointed out that Super Sailor Moon's "red" details are sometimes seen as a dark pink, rather than red. I would say that, overwhelmingly throughout Sailor Moon's fuku upgrades, red is the color, but there is a good amount of pink seen in the SuperS season's animations, so in the interest of being thorough, I'm putting "red/dark pink". Thank you Alice for nitpicking my nitpicking! There's always room for improvement. ^^ Return.

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