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Sailor Cosmos, seen only at the end of the manga, has a spectacular outfit, building on the pure-white qualities of Super Sailor Moon's outfit, differing quite a bit from her final-transformation Eternal Sailor Moon fuku, but reminiscant of Neo-Queen Serenity's gown, in some ways. Having only a limited amount of drawings for this rare form of Usagi, I've done the best I can with this deconstruct.

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Odango, Hair Accessories & Coronet

The most notable difference with this transformation/form is that Cosmos' odango are heart-shaped and not round. Without going into the practical coiffuring aspects, it appears that the odango has been doubled, but styled in such fashion that takes on a heart shape, especially evident when seen from behind. Off-hand, I have no idea how you would make your hair do this, and would therefore suggest making a wig. Since her hair is white in this form, a wig would almost certainly be necessary for color accuracy anyway. It is also notable that the hair descending from the odango has split into multiple strands, as opposed to (Eternal/Super) Sailor Moon's one strand per side. This would also have to be taken into consideration, in order to sculpt a wig that mimics this effect.

The pearl/feather accents have increased from three to four pearls, but are not uniformly sized, decreasing in size outwards towards each odango. The feathers have changed from multiple defined shapes to a larger single-piece wing, which feathers to four wingtips along each edge.

The medallions on her odango are round, with white centers and an arching gold trim, which is wide at the top of the medallion and narrows to points at the bottom. Within the gold trim, circles appear, which decrease in size from top to bottom. The gold appears the same color, and I believe that the circles stand out because they are in relief, and not due to any enamel or alternate coloring appearing between them. They appear to be in low-relief, since they appear on the same basic plane as the background.

Instead of a tiara, Sailor Cosmos has a coronet (or circlet) with a large, gold, eight-point starburst in the center, and pearls along each side which alternate in size, large and small. Although it is not shown in the drawings, it is assumed that these are either mounted on a slender wire (circlet) or chain. If a chain, it has no slack and is assumed to be stretched taut across the forehead. (Wire would be more believable and comfortable for the wearer, as well as keeping the beading and central star in position.)

Earrings, Choker & Rings

The earrings consist of three white pearls (two large, one small.) From the smallest pearl (lowest on the ear) dangles a chain of three small pearls. These could easily be made with post earrings and some jewelry/beading supplies, as three post earrings, with one as a dangle earring, with some time, patience, needle-nose pliars and wire. Hardware and supplies for this are inexpensive, and can be purchased at any bead store.

The choker is plain white, with a large, gold, eight-point starburst in the center, matching the coronet and other accessories.

For the first time, this sailor fuku involves no white gloves. Instead, Sailor Cosmos sports a large pearl solitaire ring on each finger, both hands, eight rings in total.


I hesitate to call the breastpiece a henshin compact, as there is no story evidence that Sailor Cosmos transforms. It is presumed by the author that Cosmos exists as-is in the far future, "transformed" with no need to henshin or... un-henshin. An even higher form of Usagi, if you will.

The breastpiece consists of a central circular element, surrounding the eight-point starburst, with five pearls on either side, descending in size toward the bottom of the circle. Flanking the central element are wings; both the wings and the central element (minus the starburst) are translucent to transparent.

Sleeves, Sailor Collar, Bodice & Cloak

The sleeves are made of oversized gold piping, much like the original Sailor Moon fuku, which forms a cap-length sleeve. They are composed of three rows of piping, with the middle layer as the largest, flanked by smaller rows above and below. In this version of the fuku, there is a white pearl/winged accent matching the hair decoration, sewn on the outside of each sleeve.

The sailor collar is white, with two white stripes. Since the drawings define the stripes, they are assumed to have dark stitching, or are otherwise raised enough to provide relief. (Dark stitching is the most likely explanation.)

The bodice is white and seamless, missing both the under-breast horizontal seam from previous fuku (excluding Eternal Sailor Moon).

The cloak is plain and white, attaching behind the sailor collar and dropping from the shoulders. It is definitely floor-length, but does not appear to be hooded or have decorative trim or clasping. It is most likely attached beneath the collar, clasped at each shoulder; since this feature is hidden, it could be attached in a myriad of ways, from velcro to snaps to buttons.


The staff matches many other costume elements. The shaft is white, and is tipped with two consecutive spheres: a larger gold ball sitting atop a smaller white ball. The ornamental head of the staff is similar to the breastpiece. Centered around a large spherical element (shown either as having a light pink or pearlescent tint, or translucent/transparent), it sits atop another two consecutive spheres, with the larger gold sphere (sometimes shown as transparent) directly beneath the large central element, and a smaller white sphere below the gold one. Above the central sphere is a smaller translucent sphere with an eight-point starburst inside. The spheres are flanked by wings, with small pearl accents along the join between wing and central sphere, on either side.

Skirt, Waist & Shoes

The skirt attaches seamlessly to the bodice, but although it is drawn as if the bodice and skirt are a one-piece dress with princess seams, the skirt pleats indicate otherwise. The skirt, as seen in previous fuku, involves knife pleats, and features a wide central pleat across the front, which is heavily decorated.

The front pleat is crowned by a large circular winged motif, which sits on the drop-point of the waist seam, matching the breastpiece. Radiating from this element are a rainbow of ribbons, starting with purple and running through the spectrum to blue on the other side, nine ribbons in all. These appear to be appliqué or stitched directly on the front panel. Two long, translucent ribbons stream out from the winged element, mimicking the back ribbons found on Eternal Sailor Moon's fuku. Surprisingly, this fuku does not have any back details, either a stiff pointed bow (Sailor Moon, Super Sailor Moon) or a ribbon bow.

The shoes are white stiletto heels with pearl/wing accents on the back of each heel. The heels appear to be 3-4 inches high. The shoes are pointed, with no decoration on the toe.

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