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The Eternal Sailor Moon outfit is my favorite of the Seera Myu costumes, probably because of the massive amounts of lamé. ^^; (Hey, I'm honest.) All four performers have worn this outfit: Oyama Anza, Hara Fumina, Kanbe Miyuki and Kuroki Marina.

Special thanks goes to Amber for proofing this deconstruct; Marissa, Sarielchan and Yayamaya for corrections, expansions and offering their costuming expertise!

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Oyama Anza Hara Fumina Kanbe Miyuki Kuroki Marina


Two types of pigtails can be seen, both that extend to the waist. The first type features banana-curled pigtails, while the other type has straight or slightly wavy/curly pigtails. Bangs are cut to eyebrow-level, and in both cases, the wig is dyed bright yellow (matching the anime and manga style), instead of a realistic-looking blonde. The wigs are cut with sideburn tendrils, added to cover the natural hair of the actress at the sides.

The older wigs show a flattened odango shape, while the newer ones are closer to the anime style odango (spherical).

Hair Accessories, Forehead & Facial Adornment

The pearl/feather accents are here rendered in metal (or metallic plastic), and appear to be attached to a headband that sits directly in front of the odango, sitting atop the wig. The feathers have silver-colored centers, and are rimmed by rhinestones. The pearls are silver-colored, beveled discs, not spheres. There look to be small support rods holding each feather from behind. The headband is made of clear plastic.

The odango covers are extremely hard to see, being obscured by the pearl/feather accents, but appear to be a red plastic-like material, edged with red sequins.

[On] Fumina Miyuki and Marina's [costumes] the odango covers are attached to the feather/pearl accents. Depending on how close the headband [with] the accents and odango covers [is] to the odango, they look completely detached or close to attached when you see from the side.

— Yayamaya

Contrary to the anime and manga renditions of this outfit, most of the musical renditions feature a full tiara. Only Oyama Anza sports a bejeweled crescent moon on her forehead, from the earliest (inferred) appearance of Eternal Sailor Moon. The crescent appears to be stick-on metal or a metallic material, decorated with three amber/yellow gems. The tiara appears identical to the original Sailor Moon (Prism and Crystal) transformation — gold metal with a red jewel on the point. The tiara is heavily obscured by full bangs cut on the wig. When seen, the tiara appears to have smaller red or orange gems surrounding the focal gem.

Marina alone sports a new addition to the outfit: stick-on rhinestones accenting the eye. From what I can see, it's usually just one eye, and the decoration consists of three rhinestones, with a small stone near the outside of the eye, and two larger stones next to that, moving away from the eye. The rhinestones accents are only used for promotional photography.

Earrings & Choker

The earrings are gold-colored posts, featuring a dangling crescent moon and star. The moon and star shapes are flat and metallic-gold colored. Unadorned in early versions, they are later decorated by amber-colored gems (three round stones on the moon, a smaller star-shaped gem on the star.) It appears that there are also two versions of the decorated earrings, with one version having larger gems that fit closer to the size of the dangling shape, and smaller gems that leave a wider border of metal exposed.

The choker also comes in two flavors, with the more-common one having a red or magenta center stripe, bordered by gold lamé. This version is decorated by a gold heart centerpiece, which appears to have gems on it. The first photo shows sufficient detail to describe (photo and description contributed by Yayamaya.)

The choker is on a gold heart base, with a gold crescent moon(which appears to be a 3 dimensional jewel) on the bottom, an amber rhinestone inside the crescent and a 3 rhinestones that are one red, one amber and another red bordering the large amber rhinestone. (The picture is of Anza and is from the Eien Densetsu program.)


The second choker has a center stripe of silver holographic glitter material, bordered by ribbed gold lamé or elasticized trim. (The ribbing runs lengthwise along the trim.) The heart centerpiece appears to almost mimic the Cosmic locket, with the center circle/crescent and gold cross motifs. This choker is only seen on Fumina's costume.

Henshin Compact & Breastpiece

The compact is consistant throughout the costume's variations, but the decorations thereof are quite complex. The heart centerpiece is distinctly convex, with a base of gold-colored metal. It's hard to tell from these photos whether the base also has a gold glitter or sequined edge. The heart is covered in a background of pink sequins. Atop these sits a clear/white crescent-shaped gem, with a pink round gem above the crescent, and two smaller round red gems on either side of the pink one. Another small red gem sits either immediately below (or on top of) the clear crescent gem.

The wings on either side of the heart centerpiece are made of three white (possibly pearlescent) oval cabochons, with each "feather" ending with a white pearl bead. The cabochons are set in gold-colored metal and are edged with a "beaded" border. The compact is likely set with a pin-back or clip, to attach to the front of the fuku.

Behind the compact and sitting atop the front of the fuku is a winged breastpiece, made of silver holographic glitter material. The wing material is gathered in the center, such that the gathers radiate outward from the compact. The wings sweep out to touch each shoulder, and look to be stitched around the edges.

Sleeves, Sailor Collar & Bodice

The sleeves are magenta confetti-dot lamé, with a band of elastic and/or stitching to create the puffed-sleeve effect. The stitching leaves a small ruffle at the bottom of fabric. (This appears uneven, depending on the costume — see the photos below for examples.) The sleeve is trimmed with magenta mylar braid. The sleeve color seems to vary depending on the costume, so I imagine you could get away with a variety of shades here — the degree of "shine" or "metallic-ness" of the lamé also seems to vary by costume.

The sailor collar is a heavy medium-dark blue lamé, with three stripes of gold mylar braid. This is a special style of mylar braid (which is atrociously difficult to obtain.) The underside of the sailor collar is a blue confetti-dot lamé. Stiff interfacing is used in the collar to keep it rigid.

The bodice is white, with gold mylar braid along the all the vertical seams. The bodice is pieced together in panels, including two front princess seams.


The gloves are opera-length, made of white satin, with a magenta satin stripe at the wrist. The gloves are trimmed with triple piping in magenta lamé, decorated by sequins of matching color. The stitching between the layers of piping is defined by two stripes of sequined metallic gold trim.

Instead of the white pearl/feather accents, they are represented by flat, metallic gold-colored shapes (feathers), that more closely represent the swept-back feathery shape of the winged breastpiece. The base of the feathers is stitched to the piping at top and bottom.

Wings & Back Bow

The wings are built on a flat base, which could be plastic or a stiff material. The exposed inner side of the base is covered in pearlescent glitter. The outside is covered in white feathers. The individual feather shapes of the wings are defined by the holographic glitter material used in the breastpiece. It appears that "feathers" are also cut from the holographic material, mixed in at the edges with the regular feathers.

Eternal Sailor Moon does have a back bow on her costume, it's actually on the back of her wings. It's made of the same silvery-holographic material as the bow on her chest and has the same feathered cut to it. Generally her whole back is a mess of sparkles and feathers, but the bow has been there in all four of the Myu stages.


There are magenta lamé ribbons in the back, with stitching around the edge. (Both ribbons hang stiffly, making me suspect it is a double layer of lamé, rather than a true metallic ribbon.)

Skirt & Waist

The skirt is made of lamé, and triply layered: gold, magenta and blue. Each layer is trimmed with matching mylar braid; magenta/blue or gold. It is hard to tell whether the skirt is lined, or what seams (and where) may exist on the skirt layers.

The seramyu skirts do not have "real" pleats; they are circle skirts with sort of a half-pleat at the very top of the waist to give the pleat illusion but the shape of the circle skirt is what really gives the wavy look to it. The skirts do not have any kind of petticoats etc; they stay "floaty" due to the consistency of the material and horsehair braid sewn into the hem.


The waist is trimmed with two layers of piping — a gold lamé upper layer, and a magenta lamé lower layer. The point is decorated with a metallic gold-colored crescent moon, whose points touch at the top. The crescent looks to be decorated with three gems, two pink/red and one amber.


The performers wear dance or athletic briefs ("spanks"/"spankies"), which I imagine could be purchased from any cheerleading supplier. Marina wears white spanks, for example. (No photos for this section, cough.)


The boots consist of white heeled shoes with boot "covers", which are trimmed with a magenta stripe and gold metallic crescent motif at the front point. The top of the boot cover appears to split into two points in the back (probably where the cover fastens around the calf), instead of coming to a single point as in the anime version. The boot covers are made of white vinyl.

The shoes are specifically for dancing/dancers, and look to be one to two-inch heels with a rounded toe. The boot cover fastens around the bottom of the shoe, starting an inch or so from the toe and splitting to go around (and cover) the back of the shoe. Since they are covered, most any matte white heel would do, although if one were to be performing, I'd definitely try to locate dancing shoes.

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