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Usagi's other super powers.

"Did I scare you? Did I scare you? That's one of Mokona's 108 Secret Techniques! Super Dramatic Power!"

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle 4

This is a bit of a joke section, I admit — I got the idea from the Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle manga. A while after I read the above quote, I was thumbnailing a humorous set of images for one of my image galleries and started thinking of "secret techniques" one might apply to Usagi, master of a thousand embarassed expressions... and here they are! (I'm striving towards 108 but please forgive my starting smaller. ^^; )

Usagi's 108 secret techniques

1. Super Berserker Rage 2. Super Demonic Glare 3. Super Jem and the Holograms Impersonation* 4. Super Interpretive Dance 5. Super Full-Contact Curry Making
6. Super Miss Congeniality 7. Super First-Chair Protegé 8. Super Fist of the White Swan* 9. Super Rice-Eating Contest Champion 10. Super Cognitive Prowess
11. Super Rockettes Try-out Finalist* 12. Super Disguise* 13. Super Evil Twin 14. Super Possessive Jealousy 15. Super Secret Ninja Abilities
16. Super Subliminal Advertising* 17. Super Drinking-Game Chug-meister* 18. Super Intentional Self-Humiliation 19. Super Denial (Not Just A River In Egypt!)* 20. Super Inebriated Expertise
21. Super Electrified Hairstyle 22. Super Wimbledon Enthusiast 23. Super Freshly-Opened Can of Whoopass 24. Super Fountain of Tears 25. Super Aspiring College Dropout
26. Super Undercover Date Espionage 27. Super Progressive Disciplinarian* 28. Super Defensive Slam Dunk* 29. Super Immunity to Uber-Hot Men 30. Super Incognito Fashion Accessory*
31. Super Courageous Whining 32. Super Quick-Ignite™ Laser Stare 33. Super Unsolicited Meddling 34. Super Swan-like Grace 35. Super Late to School*

36-108 coming soon....


3. Does anyone remember the 1980s cartoon, Jem and the Holograms? No? [feels old]

8. The "Fist of the White Swan" attack is performed by Mousse in Ranma 1/2, in which he smashes a swan-shaped training potty over the opponent's head. A tribute to my friend Lenneth, a Mousse fan.

11. Sadly I cannot claim this caption, as it belongs to him who screencapped and coined it. A tribute to Devin DeGruyl and his wonderful (long-closed) site, The Sailor Moon Cel Gallery, where he remarked that Usagi must be trying out for the Rockettes (a famous Broadway dance troupe) in this particular image.

12. "Super Disguise" is actually one of Mokona's 108 Secret Techniques, as revealed in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle 5.

16. Usagi is clutching a copy of Nakayoshi Magazine, which of course is where the Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon manga series debuted in 1991. Thank you, sponsor!

17. Usagi is actually chugging a bottle of Ramune, famed for its ingenious marble-sealed bottle. Read more about Ramune at

19. This is a scene from the R season, in which Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen are shocked (and highly embarassed) to learn that Chibiusa is their daughter from the far future. They look like they don't remember a thing..! ;)

27. Yes, this is me bagging on "progressive" parenting. Amazingly, one well-timed spanking can cure a lot of ills. Of course, in Usagi's case, it also shot off Chibiusa's Moon Beam, but....

28. OF COURSE I know Usagi isn't playing basketball, she's grabbing the Holy Moon Chalice... but if she WERE playing basketball, that's a heck of a slam she's in the middle of..! ;_; DE-FENSE [clap-clap] DE-FENSE.

30. ...I wanted to call this one Super Hangover Remedy, ala Cheap Sunglasses by ZZ Top, but I don't want my visitors to think I think she's a LUSH or anything.... >>; (You guys ruin all my fun. ;P )

35. Sorry, couldn't help myself. What to name this? Super Early Riser? Super Log-like Sleeping? Dunno, dunno....

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