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This is a summary of Usagi's astrological sign, and my thoughts on how Usagi fits this profile.


Dates: June 22 - July 22
Ruler: Moon
Gender: Female
Element: Water
Quality: Cardinal
Nature: Negative
Gemstone: Pearl
Metal: Silver
Flowers: White flowers, particularly roses
Herbs: Tarragon, verbena
Body Areas: Chest, Breasts, Stomach
Symbol: Crab
Lucky Numbers: 4 and 6

The Oracle

Several things in the basic Cancer stats are obvious: a ruling planet of the Moon, a feminine quality. Usagi is frequently drawn surrounded by pearls and white roses, either in normal guise or as one of her many transformed forms. Pearls appear on many of her outfits, and her wedding dress was positively coated in white roses (and pearls!) I find the "body areas" humorous, mostly because Usagi's real ruling force is not the Moon but her stomach.... However, the chest and breasts indicate a maternal, loving, nurturing nature, which definitely fits her personality.

Cancer is one of the most perplexing of the zodiac signs. Cancerians can exhibit many different personalities. This can be seen in their symbol, the crab, with the duality of the claws' sizes representing the duality of the Cancerian personality. Cancer can range from timid and shy to friendly and famous. Though they may seen uncompromising and obstinate, Cancerans are actually very emotional. They are sympathetic and sensitive to other people, particularly the ones they love. Because of this, they find it easy to identify with others. They are extremely loyal to the ones they love, taking several measures to protect them. The first loyalty of any Cancerian is in his friends, family, or partner. Cancerians are so driven by their emotions that they can at times become very over-dramatic, a victim of fantasy. They tend to absorb their environment easily, and are prone to tears. Cancerians have a tendency to live in the past. They are heavily influenced by their memories. They are very giving and selfless, and are often in danger of becoming a martyr in certain situations. Cancer is also a very domestic sign. Cancerians have a strong maternal or paternal instinct. They have a pronounced desire for stability within the home, and enjoy a neat and clean environment. They need a comfortable and natural residence where they can retreat at the end of a long day. In romance, Cancerians form relationships very quickly and become quite sentimental about partners. They are very protective of and devoted to their significant others. They will pamper and seduce them, but are still willing to learn from them.

The Oracle

Overall, Usagi is a fairly typical Cancer. Emotional? Sure. Crabby? DEFINITELY. She's strong-willed, not above whining to get her way, and definitely not above sulking, but yet, as the description above says, she's extremely loyal and dedicated to protecting the ones she loves. While I wouldn't say Usagi necessarily lives in the past every moment, she is heavily influenced by memories, both near-past and far-past, and we find her thinking back on recent (and past) events many times in the series. Beneath her genki (and seemingly simple) exterior, she's a very reflective person.

The term "over-dramatic" is hardly adequate when it comes to Usagi (mostly in her younger years), and "prone to tears" is amusingly fitting. I would wholeheartedly describe her as selfless (and can and will wax verbose on the matter in an upcoming essay!), and she has frequently sacrificed herself for the greater good. Her giving nature and general naiveté makes her easily taken advantage of, and easily swayed by other's situations and opinions. Usagi also seems to form almost instant friendships and attachments, and it's obvious (poor Mamoru) that she's very obsessed with (poor Mamoru), attached to (poor Mamoru) and protective of, her significant other. (Poor, poor Mamoru.) She can be more than a little jealous of any female creature approaching him, and can even be a bit suspicious of him at times (which is totally unwarranted, and probably can be blamed on the "over-dramatic", "fantasty victim" aspect of this sign.)

Usagi does seem to be very domestic (although not particularly skilled as such): her room is always quite neat, her school things are organized, and she does at least *attempt* to cook... although without success. She does seem to need a clean sanctuary to retreat to, and often does — many a time do we see her isolating herself in her room, thinking things over. She often dreams of being a bride and housewife, evidence again that she longs for nothing more than a simple, peaceful, stable environment.

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