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coursing through her veins.

This is a summary of Usagi's blood type, and my thoughts on how Usagi fits this profile.

Blood Type: O


The Oracle

In the basic characteristics, I see a few things amiss. "Self-confident", "independent" and "ambitious" are not words I would normally associate with Usagi. She frequently lacks confidence, is very reliant on others — although she does attempt to be independent, ultimately she fails — and is in need of almost constant companionship. Although she definitely can act ambitious, she isn't really of a truly ambitious (read: power-driven, success-driven) nature. I think most of her ambitions are rooted in her natural... genki-ness. ^^; The rest, however, is fitting: loyal, passionate.... Outgoing, energetic, social: all of these are clearly evident in her daily actions. Jealous? Ask her boyfriend. T_T; Better yet, ask Rei. I'm a bit uncertain about "trendsetter", although I'm sure she longs to be one.

People with type O blood are very energetic, outgoing, and social. They usually take the role of creating harmony amongst group members. They take it easy, and are peaceful and carefree. They value the opinions of others, and are thought of as big-hearted and benevolent. They are generally loved by all, and have quite lovable personalities. They are flexible and accepting of new things, but also have a surprisingly stubborn and strong-willed side. They are confident, and enjoy being the center of attention. They are also flighty, and tend to inadvertently make big blunders - though this makes them all the more lovable.

O is most compatible with O, and AB.

The Oracle

This description fits Usagi very well, especially the bit about creating harmony. Usagi is forever the peacemaker among rivaling factions of senshi. It's odd in a way, because half the time she is the one participating in the argument, but overall, she really desires everyone to get along, be friends and fight together. She is definitely a carefree person, loving and loved by all. She is flexible with each new situation; however I would argue that some of her flexibility is begrudging at best. Although she functions in her role as a senshi, you can see her griping about this role for acts upon acts in the first volumes of the manga. I really admire this description of "flighty", "center of attention" and inadvertant blunders, as all of those are are lovable (by me, at least) aspects of her personality, and describe her to a tee.

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