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symbolism and meaning.

Ribbons evoke visions of girlhood — satin sashes on fancy dresses, trailing from hair and hats and magic wands. The ribbon is a sign of blossoming, but also representing a circular pattern (when tied), which denotes immortality, perfection, generous and heroic deeds. A ribbon tied in a bow gives the appearance of a flower.

It is interesting that, although ribbons are only seen during transformation (in the anime) in the R season, if an enemy forces Sailor Moon to revert back to her normal self, her senshi fuku dissolves into ribbons. This could be taken as a sign of her returning to the innocence of her normal life, as pointed out in the quote below:

Ribbons do have a significance of their own when talking about the magical girl genre. They also evoke a sense of girlhood. When we think of ribbons many of us think of elementary-age and younger with ribbons in their hair (like the heroine in Hime-chan's Ribbon) or very feminine girls' clothing. Since the [mahou shoujo] genre deals with that age between being a girl and entering adolescence, then it's fitting that ribbons appear in transformations that symbolize that mental and physical shift.

Henshin: the Mahou Shoujo Genre

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