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about the name...

the meaning behind it. (pronounced "Sarah-P Kiss" or "Therapy Kiss") was a domain that has been in the back of my mind for a couple of years, and which I finally broke down and bought in October 2004. The name comes from Eternal Sailor Moon's first attack, Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss, Serapii Kisu being the katakana equivalent in Japanese of the English phrase. I always loved this attack name and thought that some part of it would make a great domain name. Even though I didn't have an immediate use for it at the time, I bought it, and soon after I decided to use it here.

about the site...

where serapii-kisu got started.

I almost started a Tsukino Usagi gallery and fansite in late 1998, as I was debating whether to add character galleries to (then The Gallery of the Silver Millennium). My intention was to make a set of galleries for Usagi, and a set for Mamoru, separate from the existing Usagi/Mamoru galleries. After deciding upon the new domain and name in the summer of 1999, I scrapped these gallery plans and incorporated them into Serenitatis as separate sections alongside the rest.

After thinking about this domain for a while, I remembered my original idea and realized that this domain would be perfect for an Usagi fansite. I started getting ideas almost immediately for new, unusual content.

about the specifics...

credit where it's due.

Fonts used include 04b_24 (link buttons), Beautiful (script), Georgia (serif text, body text) and Grudblitter (link buttons).

It's hard to know exactly who to thank, but I know that several people reviewed various sections of SKnet while I worked, including Robin, Mella, Lenneth and Rosemary. I've probably forgotten a few. ^^;;

about the webmistress...

no I am not Tsukino Usagi.

Hi there, I'm Hoshichan. [waves] I've been a Sailor Moon junkie since 1996, and have owned and operated sites in that fandom since 1997. My oldest site is I am a web designer by profession and have many interests, including and extending beyond the realm of anime and manga. Learn more at

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