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captured moonlight.

Silver is directly related to the Moon. By contrast to gold — traditionally male, active and solar — silver is passive, lunar, female, watery and cold. Technically, the color of silver is white, and the Latin word for silver, argentum, derives from a Sanskrit word meaning "white" and "shining".

Silver is also associated with kingship and royalty, specifically the dignity of kings. In Irish mythology, when King Nuada lost his arm in battle, thereby disqualified from kingship by loss of limb, the god of healing, Dian Cécht, fashioned an arm of silver for him, allowing him to return to the throne.

Both white and shining, silver symbolizes purity in all forms:

It is pure light such as passes unsullied through transparent crystal, clear water, the reflection of a mirror or the flashing of a diamond. It is like clear conscience, pure intent, open-heartedness, fair dealing. It summons faithfulness to follow in its footsteps.

The Penguin Dictionary of Symbols

Russian folklore also sees silver as a symbol of purity and perfection:

IThe heroes of countless folktales realize that they are threatened with death when their silver snuff-boxes, forks or everyday items start to tarnish.

The Penguin Dictionary of Symbols

In Christian symbolism, silver stands for divine wisdom.

From a moral standpoint, silver also symbolizes the object of all desires and the harm which they cause, such as the steady decay of one's conscience. This is the negative side of silver, and the perversion of its qualities.

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