I know I should be out with my friends, enjoying life, but here I am, sitting alone in my room, thinking of you. I know you must be very busy with school, and that's why I haven't heard from you. I try to keep busy myself. It's funny, I have my headphones on and the music is playing, but I don't hear it. I don't even know what song is playing. The Moon is out, shining through my window, and we are so very much alone, the Moon and I. I don't know where Luna is... I don't know where you are, either.... I wish I could call you.

More and more, I feel separated from the world. Sometimes the goals of a senshi don't matter to me, even though I know they're so very important. Lately I've been walking in a dream world — I dream of you always, of seeing you again. Sometimes I hear you call my name, but when I turn to look, no one is there. I need to hear your voice. I need you. Is that selfish?

You've always protected me, but sometimes I'm afraid that I will fail you.

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