Tonight was horrible, tonight saw the death of my hope. The denial that I have been feeding myself, feeding my friends, that denial was shattered. I can no longer lie to myself, I can no longer lie to my friends. I need you so badly. I ache for your touch.

My Mamo-chan, I cannot live without you. On the rooftop tonight, Galaxia herself could have struck me down, and I would have been thankful. I reel from the pain. My love, I saw you tonight, on the rooftop, your cape blowing in the wind. When I saw the rose, I thought my heart had stopped and would never start again, not until I saw your face, that stern look of justice. That mask. And underneath, the man I love so dearly, so desperately — how I love you, my darling! My heart bleeds for you each moment.

Tonight was the pinnacle of my dream, and like a dream you came to rescue me from evil, to rescue me from pain... and then my heart turned to ice, withered like rose petals touched by frost, because it wasn't you. And I am in so much pain, my darling, surely you must understand....

Until that moment, I thought I could survive, I thought I could go on. I cannot. There is a rasping noise inside my chest, a vacuum where my heart once was. I am filled with darkness, I see nothing, hear nothing but the echoes of a heartbeat.

My eyes are burning, so I will leave you now, for tonight, my Mamo-chan. Forgive me, forgive my weakness... I am dying without you.

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