letters never sent...

a creative writing project.

"Letters Never Sent" came about while I was brainstorming for new, unusual material for this fan-domain. (I guess I should say up front that I've never written traditional fanfiction, and I don't read it.) I was working on reformatting the Usagi gallery at Serenitatis, and came across a small screencap of Usagi from the end of the Stars season. I have always been moved by this scene (subject of Letter #1.) Usagi is sitting on her bed, in the dark, listening to music, and a single beam of moonlight illuminates her. I recognized the haunted, empty look in her eyes, and realized that much could be written in and about that feeling.

Once in a while, you need to express myself so desperately — aloneless, misery, whatever you're feeling — that you write letters you never intend to send. At times, writing it down makes us feel better, and I'm sure I'm not the only one with a box of soul-searching letters that were never meant to be read by those they were written for.

These letters, these feelings, are what this section is about. I have taken scenes from the Stars season as inspiration, and tried to put myself in Usagi's place, writing the letters never sent, during her separation from Mamoru. This being a creative endeavor, these letters may take liberties or diverge from the actual context of the scene.

do not read...

the letters.

Letter #1
Letter #2
Letter #3

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